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It probably should come as no surprise … with the growth in popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, there is a sudden explosion of people offering everything from sleep disorders advice to “cures.”  And, as in anything else, caution is definitely needed.

This in no way is intended to mean that all people and organizations that post messages about sleep disorders on social media sites are trying to lead you astray.  Many very legitimate sources of information are out there, including the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the American Sleep Apnea Association, and providers of care, such as we, ourselves.

But there are definitely people trying to capitalize on the recent surge of awareness of sleep disorders, striving to play on false hope to promote or sell a product.  And they have agendas that don’t always place the welfare of patients or buyers at the top of the list.  Two of the most suspect types of posters are those who are trying to sell an “alternative” treatment product and those who trumpet “cures” for conditions such as sleep apnea.  There is even one company that masquerades as a sleep disorders “association,” when all it is trying to do is sell it’s product.  If their product is good, why do they feel the need to use a name that implies they are something that they truly are not?

When seeking advice or actual help for sleep disorders, the way to be sure you are “talking” online with a person or organization that is really trying to be of service to you is by checking the following:  1.  If they are a sleep disorders center, are they accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine?  2.  If they claim to be a treatment professional, find out if they are actually board-certified in sleep medicine.  If they cannot meet one of these criteria, they are at the very least not likely to have accurate, proven information.

It’s like everything else … take the time to be sure.  Your health and well-being will be better served if you do.



The Sleep Wellness Institute, Inc., will open its third CPAP2GO store  on Thursday, Oct. 1, in West Allis.  CPAP2GO specializes in continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, masks and supplies used to help many people with obstructive sleep apnea.  The CPAP2GO stores are the only retail CPAP stores in Wisconsin operated by a sleep disorders center.  The first store opened in Franklin last year, and a Waukesha location opened in April.

The newest store, at 2931 S. 108th Street, will be open Monday through Saturday, with evening hours Monday through Friday.  It will be staffed by specially trained employees and will feature the “30/30 Advantage” – an in-stock supply of more than 30 masks and a free 30-night comfort and fit guarantee.  Much of the equipment will be covered by most health insurance plans.

The store will be managed by Cody Glorioso, who is the director of the Sleep Wellness Institute’s durable medical equipment department.  The store’s telephone number will be 414-761-CPAP (2727). A website,, provides more information for customers.

The Sleep Wellness Institute is Wisconsin’s largest independent sleep disorders laboratory.  It is fully accredited to diagnose and treat sleep disorders among adults and children by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Tips courtesy of CPAP2GO in West Allis, Waukesha and Franklin, Wis (Milwaukee area).

  1. Wash your CPAP mask daily (warm soapy water or Citrus II mask cleaner and wipes).
  2. Check your filter every other week — clean or replace if dirty.
  3. Do not over tighten your mask; it may cause leaks.
  4. If you are tightening your mask because of leaks or comfort, your seal may be broken or needs to be replaced.
  5. Replace your mask and accessories every 6 months.
  6. Follow up with your physician as instructed.
  7. Keep in contact with your CPAP provider to ensure your success.
  8. Use distilled water for your water chamber.
  9. If you have any dryness in your nose or throat, try increasing the humidity.
  10. Use your CPAP all night, every night … and while napping

Visit CPAP2GO on the web at

Cody Glorioso

DME Director

The Sleep Wellness Institute is opening its second CPAP2GO store today at 2320 East Moreland Blvd.,  in Waukesha (Greater Milwaukee Area).  Like the first CPAP2GO store in Franklin, the new store features a wide variety of brand name CPAP machines, masks, and accessories.  It also offers the 30/30 Advantage … a choice of more than 30 different masks and a 30 night comfort and fit guarantee.  Most of the products offered are covered by insurance.

The store is open Monday-Saturday, with evening hours Monday-Friday, as well.  The Waukesha store is located just off HWY 94, directly in front of Blain’s Farm and Fleet. Either store may be reached by calling 414-761-CPAP (2727).  Or you can just walk in, browse, and talk with the CPAP experts who staff the store.  Your questions are always welcome.  Check us on the web at

Steve Gardner

The Sleep Wellness Institute