A gentleman named Ken recently recorded a brief video about his experience with CPAP, which is now posted on our website http://www.shareyourcpapstory.com. Click here to view Ken’s story.

We’ve designed Share Your CPAP Story to help those people who may be discouraged with the way their CPAP therapy is working out.  We hope it will encourage those people to stay with it, and to advocate for themselves when something may seem wrong.

By advocating for yourself, we mean asking your CPAP supplier if they have more than one mask you can try.  Can you bring it back and try another if you’re uncomfortable?  Most of all, demand that they provide you with service after the sale.  If your mask is leaking, or feels uncomfortable, or you’re getting water in your tubing, demand that they help you.  It’s their job.

And it’s your life.

Please visit www.shareyourcpapstory.com

Steve Gardner

The Sleep Wellness Institute