The Sleep Wellness Institute, Inc., Wisconsin’s  largest independent sleep disorders diagnosis and treatment center, has signed an agreement with Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics (PPD) of Houston, TX, to provide sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment to over-the-road truckers employed by Schneider Trucking Company of Green Bay.

According to Chief Executive Officer Ron Baake of the Sleep Wellness Institute, sleep centers aligned with PPD provide services across the nation to various trucking companies. The Sleep Wellness Institute will be the exclusive provider in Wisconsin for Schneider drivers.

“Over-the-road trucking has long been thought to be an area of great concern,” Baake explained. “Since drowsy drivers are every bit as common as drunk drivers, the trucker who is hauling a huge rig and is affected by sleep apnea is a major risk.”

Schneider began working with PPD both to find ways to cut healthcare costs and to promote on the road safety. The Sleep Wellness Institute is now at the midpoint of a definitive two-year study being conducted to examine the link between sleep apnea to increased health care costs.

PPD provides professional screening for drivers who are at risk for sleep apnea using a HIPPA-compliant, online tool customized to the individual trucking company’s requirements.

Once a driver has been noted as being at risk, the local PPD allied sleep center provides local diagnostic services with the ease of web-based scheduling and quick, reliable turn-around — from diagnosis to treatment.

Drivers who require treatment will be fitted for and provided with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask, flow generator, and heated humidifier for nightly use. Significant attention is paid to driver education and monitoring driver compliance with CPAP to ensure the equipment is being used properly.

Baake said that a wireless compliance monitoring system is used. It provides daily information of CPAP use, efficacy, and allows real-time troubleshooting of any problems drivers may be experiencing.

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Steve Gardner

The Sleep Wellness Institute

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