The Sleep Wellness Institute will open CPAP2GO, a retail store specializing in continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, masks and supplies that are used to help many people with obstructive sleep apnea, on July 8. It will be the only store of its kind in Wisconsin operated by a sleep disorders center.

The store, at 7017 S. 27th Street, Franklin, will be open Monday through Saturday, with evening hours Monday through Friday. It will be staffed by specially trained employees, most of whom are on CPAP therapy, themselves, and will feature the “30/30 Advantage” – an in-stock supply of more than 30 masks and a free 30 night comfort and fit guarantee. Much of the equipment will be covered by most health insurance.

According to Sleep Wellness Institute President Mark Stoiber, the store is a natural development given the success of the Institute’s professional CPAP services. “Our approach to working with people on CPAP has yielded more than an 85% compliance rate with treatment, as opposed to about 55% nationwide,” he explained. “We believe we can successfully grow our business while helping more people by having a store located in a convenient, high traffic retail business area.”

People with sleep apnea are aroused briefly several times per hour every night as the tissues around their airway collapse and prevent them from breathing. Complications can include cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, and even death. The CPAP equipment provides a continuous, gentle positive air flow that keeps the patient’s airway open and eliminates snoring. It is considered the “gold standard” in treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

“Expert knowledge, wide selection and an unmatched dedication to customer service will be the hallmarks of CPAP2GO,” Stoiber said. “All too often we encounter people who have purchased CPAP equipment elsewhere, including from the internet, and then have been unable to get the follow-up service they need, at the times they need it. We intend to make a difference for those people.”

Stoiber said the store will offer the same CPAP products and service that are provided at the Sleep Wellness Institute, but in a second location that offers excellent freeway access and foot traffic. It is located in front of a Lowe’s Home Improvement center, he noted.

The store will be managed by Cody Glorioso, who is the director of the Sleep Wellness Institute’s durable medical equipment department. The store’s telephone number will be 414-761-CPAP (2727). A website, provides more information.

NOTE:  A second store has opened in Waukesha.  See our blog post “New CPAP2GO Store Opens Today.”

The Sleep Wellness Institute is Wisconsin’s largest independent sleep disorders treatment center. It is fully accredited to diagnose and treat sleep disorders among adults and children by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.